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Salzburg has always been considered a centre of culture north of the Alps. Famous buildings such as Salzburg Cathedral date back to the seventh century AD and are considered as continuous, unique witnesses of the historic importance of the region. Wherever you walk, the influence of the Prince-Bishops dominates the famous city to this day. St. Rupert was the first bishop – he founded what is now Salzburg with the monastery of St. Peter. Spiritual as well as secular power was united in the person of the Prince-Bishop, and their influence can still be seen in the city today. Salzburg was rich in salt, which gave it its name. Many visitors from all over the world are attracted every year by the fabulous Old Town and the city’s special history.

The Old Town of Salzburg

The Old Town of Salzburg is a few minutes' walk away from the hotel. Here, you are walking in the footsteps of history.

The Old Town is divided into two districts. The older part, to the left of the Salzach River, is where the Kaiviertel, the Festungsberg and the Mönchsberg are located. This section is also the reason why the city of Mozart was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Old Town on the right of the river is home to the Linzergasse, the Platzl and the Steingasse. Here, you can wander through stone-paved lanes with a medieval feel. You can almost sense the horse-drawn carriages and the free and easy life of the artists in centuries gone by. Walk along the banks of the Salzach and relax as soon as you enter the Old Town.


The Festung or Citadel is the largest completely preserved castle in the whole of Europe and is the symbol of the city of Salzburg. It is very obviously connected with the City of Salzburg and has never been taken by enemies. Its lucky symbol is the Salzburg Bull.

Built in the 11th century, the Festung Hohensalzburg offers a magnificent all-round view of the entire city. Apart from sightseeing on the Citadel premises, we also recommend visiting one of the many museums in the city centre. In the Citadel Museum, you can find out more about the lives of the Prince-Bishops. A guided tour of the premises provides an insight into the lives of people in Salzburg. Other attractions are the Marionette Museum and the Rainer Regimental Museum. Also let yourself be impressed and inspired by the cuisine of the restaurants.

Mozart's Birthplace

Mozart's life and work continues to leave an indelible impression on the history of music and that of Salzburg, his native city.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is possibly the first rock star in the history of the world. His music is played all over the world, today as it was then, and is particularly celebrated in Salzburg, the city of his birth. How Amadeus lived as a child, what instrument he practised with, where his creativity came from, his genius – you can find out all about it in Mozart’s Birthplace. Without a doubt, Mozart has left his traces in Salzburg; he is present everywhere in the city. Mozart’s Birthplace is an essential place to visit for all lovers of classical music and of the famous composer.

Schloss Mirabell

Schloss Mirabell, the Mirabell Palace, and its gardens are the most beautiful places in Salzburg and perhaps the whole world.

Very impressively laid out architecturally are the Mirabell Gardens. Seen from the raised entrance, the Palace is on the left, the Citadel in the centre and the Zwergerlgarten or Dwarf Garden on the right. The palace is famous for lavish weddings in the unique Marmorhalle or Marble Hall. The beautiful background is as popular with local people as with our visitors. Formal occasions such as weddings, official receptions and also concerts take place in the Marble Hall. As the Palace is right in the centre of town, it is right on your way and well worth a visit.

Salzburg in the winter

Winter walks and outstanding cultural landmarks make even winter in the city of Mozart an unforgettable experience.

The Baroque architecture of the city has a special charm in the cold season. Take a snowy, fairy-tale stroll through the nearby city and now and then you’ll come across icicles or snowmen built by cheerful children. Many museums and photographic motifs make a winter holiday in Mozart’s city an exciting experience full of variety.

Salzburg in the summer

In summer, the whole city becomes a stage. Experience the warm summer nights in the Old Town with musical accompaniment.

Surrounded by nature and in the midst of a historic atmosphere, Salzburg offers ideal conditions for a totally relaxed summer. Discover the city on foot, by bike, or just sit down on a bench. Whether you are sightseeing or attending some of the culture and art events, the city offers all visitors a warm welcome.

Bildnachweis: Tourismus Salzburg, Unsplash

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